ATF: Aegir
Race: Terran
Class: M7, Frigate
Reputation: Rep2 minusRep2 minusRep2 minusRep2 minusRep2 neutralRep2 neutralRep2 neutralRep2 neutralRep2 plusRep2 plusRep2 plusRep2 plusRep2 plusRep plusRep2 plusRep2 plus
Speed: 49.9 - 99.9 m/s
Acceleration: 5.15 m/s
Steering: 1.8 rot/min
Reactor Output: 12,500 MW
Hull Strength: 88,000
Shield Type: 8 x 500 MJ Shield
Weapons Energy: 71,000 MJ
Cargo: 5,500 - 9,500 L
Gun Count: 12
Pricing: 50,040,893

General InformationEdit

The Aegir is a frigate frequently employed by the Terran fleet; a light capital ship designed for escorting purposes. Its heavy shielding and long-range gunnery enables it to keep enemies at bay until its protectee has escaped from harm.


When the Aegir blueprints were first presented to the Terran high command, generals were adamant that the ship's weaponry had to be increased. The builders, however, insisted that the new frigate would meet the navy's requirements. They had been instructed to build an escort vessel, heavily shielded and able to protect smaller transports. The need, then, for a heavy combat vessel which could go into battle, was not present. An escort vessel has no need of remaining behind to keep fighting the enemy, once the transports it is escorting have jumped to safety. What was needed, therefore, was the ability to detect enemies, keep them away, and leave the battle once the transports were safe.
The Aegir was packed with emergent technology; immensely powerful scanners and electronic warfare equipment - most importantly of all a new invention called the jumpdrive tracker jammer - JTJ. It enabled the Aegir to prevent any oncoming ships from tracking the jump coordinates of the ships under its protection, meaning that once the fleet had jumped to safety, it could not possibly be followed. The ship was designed to see the enemy coming early, take up position between its transport fleet and the approaching warships, and function as a shield. It would bombard the enemy with powerful long-range weapons while absorbing any incoming fire with its powerful shields. The fact that the frigates of some other races are more combat-able was of little consequence; the Aegir was perfect for its purpose.
Also, getting the most powerful Terran weapons into such a small vessel meant that the designers had had to make certain concessions. They told the generals that putting more weapons in would increase the size of the ship several-fold, which would of course mean increasing the cost as well. This argument swayed the high command, who ordered a half-dozen ships to be built. Its performances as an escort ship have since caused the navy to return to the builders for repeat business.

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