Argon Prime is the home sector for the Argon Federation. It has a strong military presence, including the Argon flagship Argon One. This medium sized sector has no nebula to obscure the view of the planet, which has a climate comparable to that of Earth.

Sector InfomationEdit

"Bathed in the sacred light of the sun 'Sonra', the Argon home system is dominated by the planet 'Argon Prime'. This rich and beautiful world is densly populated and is usually protected by a large Argon Military force, a Titan Destroyer and more recently the Agon's latest flagship carrier, the Argon One, a Colossus class carrier. Most of the needs of the Argon space fleet are catered for here in orbiting shipyards that also outfit private fighters with Argon technology."

Race: Argon

Security Level: Core

Population: 189,451,753

Planets: 3

Suns: 150%

Gate Distance: 90 km

Stations and objectsEdit

North Gate (to Herron's Nebula)

East Gate (to The Wall)

South Gate (to Home of Light)

West Gate (to Ringo Moon)

Federal Argon Shipyard

Argon Equipment Dock

Free Argon Trading Station

Advanced Satellite Factory

Ammunition Factory

Image Recognition Production Complex

Light Weapons Complex

Quantum Tube Fab

Swarm Missle Production Complex

Weapon Component Factory

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