Herron's Nebula is a mining sector north of Argon Prime. This extremely large sector has several rich asteroids, capable of sustaining large mining operations.

Sector InfomationEdit

When viewing the sector in-game, the following is written:

"The Argon mine workers in this mineral rich system are famed across space for their ability to consume vast quantities of Space Fuel. Their semi-legal bootlegging operation keeps the miners happy and bosses rich. Strong liquor looses tongues and the system is a hive of gossip, rumour and dubious scuttlebuzz."

Race: Argon

Security Level: Core

Population: 22,564,288

Planets: 3

Suns: 150%

Gate Distance: 100 km

Stations and objectsEdit

North Gate (to Power Circle)

East Gate (to The Hole)

South Gate (to Argon prime)

West Gate (to Ringo Moon)

Free Argon Trading Station

Cahoona Bakery M

High Yield Production Complex

Ore Mine M (alpha, beta and gamma)

Rimes Fact L

Rimes Fact M

Silicon Mine M

Space Fuel Distillery M (alpha and beta)

Multiple asteroids

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