Advanced Satellite FactoryAegirAlpha IRE Laser Forge (X2)
Antigone Memorial (X-T)Antigone Memorial (X:BTF)Argon (X-T)
Argon (X2)Argon (X3)Argon (X:BTF)
Argon FederationArgon Prime (X-T)Argon Prime (X3:TC)
Argon Prime (X:BTF)Atreus' Clouds (X-T)Atreus' Clouds (X:BTF)
Bala Gi's Joy (X-T)Blue Profit (X-T)Blue Profit (X:BTF)
BoreasBoron (X-T)Boron (X2)
Boron (X3)Boron (X:BTF)Boron Kingdom
Brennan's Triumph (X-T)Calaak VaalCeo's Buckzoid (X-T)
Ceo's Buckzoid (X:BTF)Ceo's Sprite (X-T)Ceo's Sprite (X:BTF)
Chin's Clouds (X-T)Chin's Clouds (X:BTF)Chin's Fire (X-T)
Chin's Fire (X:BTF)Chip Plant (X2)Cho's Defeat (X-T)
Ciao sapete dire cosa vuol dire la ricerca della verità, è leterno presente.Circle Of Labour (X3)Classe di Onnipotenti
Cloudbase North West (X-T)Cloudbase North West (X:BTF)Cloudbase South East (X-T)
Cloudbase South East (X:BTF)Cloudbase South West (X-T)Cloudbase South West (X:BTF)
Company Pride (X-T)Company Pride (X:BTF)Controls
Creazioni di Dio e degli EterniCurrent eventsDanna's Chance (X-T)
Dio (TOOA)Drone Factory (X2)Duke's Domain (X-T)
Duke's Domain (X:BTF)Elena's Fortune (X-T)Emperor's Ridge (X-T)
Emperor's Ridge (X:BTF)Emperor Mines (X-T)Emperor Mines (X:BTF)
Empire's Edge (X-T)Empires Edge (X:BTF)Energy cells
Equipment Dock (X2)Factions listFamily Chin (X-T)
Family Chin (X:BTF)Family Pride (X-T)Family Pride (X:BTF)
Family Whi (X-T)Family Whi (X:BTF)Family Zein (X-T)
Family Zein (X:BTF)Farnham's Legend (X-T)Game modes
Gamma IRE Laser Forge (X2)Getsu FuneGoner
Greater Profit (X-T)Greater Profit (X:BTF)Guide
Hagaromo OotsukiHatikvah's Faith (X-T)Herron's Nebula (X-T)
Herron's Nebula (X3:TC)Herron's Nebula (X:BTF)Home of Light (X-T)
Home of Light (X:BTF)Hornet Missile Factory (X2)Indra & Asura
Julian BrennanJuubi (Dio Albero)Kabuto Yakushi
Kha'akKha'ak (X2)Kha'ak (X3)
Kingdom End (X-T)Kingdom End (X:BTF)Lucky Planets (X-T)
M1 Carrier (X-T)M1 Carrier (X2)M1 Carrier (X3)
M1 Carrier (X:BTF)M2 DestroyerM2 Destroyer (X-T)
M3 FighterM3 Plus Armed TransporterM3 Plus Armed Transporter (X3)
M4 InterceptorM5 ScoutM6 Corvette
M7 BattleshipMain PageMammoth
Menelaus' Frontier (X-T)Menelaus' Frontier (X:BTF)Miscellaneous Items (X3)
MissilesMissiles (X3)Missiles (X3:TC)
Montalaar (X-T)Naruto (Asura) e Sasuke (Indara)Naruto Uzumaki
New Game Modes (X3:R)Nopileos' Memorial (X-T)Obito Uchiha
Ocean of Fantasy (X-T)Olmancketslat's Treaty (X-T)One (X-T)
One (X:BTF)Ore Belt (X-T)Ore Belt (X:BTF)
OrochimaruOrochimaru 2Paranid (X-T)
Paranid (X2)Paranid (X3)Paranid (X:BTF)
Paranid EmpireParanid Prime (X-T)Paranid Prime (X:BTF)
Patriarch's Keep (X-T)PennywisePontifex' Realm (X-T)
Poteri creati da Dio e i suoi AbovePower Circle (X-T)Power Circle (X:BTF)
Preacher's Refuge (X-T)President's End (X-T)President's End (X:BTF)
Priest's Pity (X-T)Priest's Pity (X:BTF)Priest Rings (X-T)
Priest Rings (X:BTF)Profit Share (X-T)Profit Share (X:BTF)
Queen's Space (X-T)Queen's Space (X:BTF)Race Ranks
Red Light (X-T)Red Light (X:BTF)Ringo Moon (X-T)
Ringo Moon (X:BTF)Rolk's Drift (X-T)Rolk's Drift (X:BTF)
Rolk's Fate (X-T)Rolk's Fate (X:BTF)Rolk's Legacy (X-T)
SETASasuke UchihaScripting
SectorSector 0,0Sector 1,0
Sector 1,3Sector 2,0Sector 3,0
Sector 4,0Sector 5,0Seizewell (X-T)
Seizewell (X:BTF)Shark (X-T)Shield Armour Production Facility (5MW) (X2)
Shield Production Facility (1MW) (X2)Shields (X2)Ships
Shipyard (X2)Shore of Infinity (X-T)Software
Software (X3)Solar Power PlantSomething
Spaceweed Drift (X-T)Spaceweed Drift (X:BTF)Split (X-T)
Split (X2)Split (X3)Split (X:BTF)
Split DynastySplit Fire (X-T)TD Atmospheric Dropship
TL Large TransporterTP Personnel TransporterTS Small Transporter
TechnologyTeladi (X-T)Teladi (X2)
Teladi (X3)Teladi (X:BTF)Teladi Company
Teladi Gain (X-T)Teladi Gain (X:BTF)Terran
Tharka's Sun (X-T)The Hole (X-T)The Hole (X:BTF)
The Wall (X-T)The Wall (X:BTF)Three Worlds (X-T)
Three Worlds (X:BTF)Thuruk's Beard (X-T)Thuruk's Beard (X:BTF)
Thuruk's Pride (X-T)Thuruk's Pride (X:BTF)Trading Station (X2)
Trinity Sanctum (X-T)Unknown Enemy Sector 14,11 (X3)Unknown Enemy Sector 3,3 (X:BTF)
Unknown Enemy Sector 3,4 (X:BTF)Unknown Enemy Sector 3,5 (X:BTF)Unknown Enemy Sector 4,3 (X:BTF)
Unknown Enemy Sector 4,4 (X:BTF)Unknown Enemy Sector 4,5 (X:BTF)Unknown Enemy Sector 4,6 (X:BTF)
Unknown Enemy Sector 5,6 (X:BTF)Unknown Enemy Sector 6,6 (X:BTF)Unusable Wares
Unusable Wares (X3)Usable Wares (X3)Useful Terran Conflict Forum Posts
WeaponsWeapons (X3)Wharf (X2)
X3:Albion Prelude/MapX3: Albion PreludeX3: Reunion
X3: Reunion sectorsX3: Terran ConflictX3: Terran Conflict sectors
X3 - Trade ItemsX: Beyond the Frontier QuotesX Universe (Setting)
XenonXenon (X-T)Xenon (X2)
Xenon (X3)Xenon (X:BTF)Xenon Invasion (X3:R)
Xenon SectorXenon Station
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File:X Rebirth - Reveal Trailer HQ

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