This class was introduced in the X3: Reunion Version 2.0 patch. It is available only to the player and is recieved during the Bala Gi Missions. There is only one ship of this class, the Paranid Hyperion.

With the release of X3: Terran Conflict, the M7 Frigate class was greatly expanded and every race received at least one M7 class ship; most received two. The M7 ships are divided into two categories: M7 and M7M, with the latter being specialized missile frigates. They are a size class between the M2 Destroyer and M6 Corvette classes and most of them are designed to fulfill an escort role, screening M1 and M2 capital ships from fighters, bombers, corvettes and other M7s. Most M7 class ships can carry weaponry equal to corvettes and have good turret coverage, but the Boron M7 can carry capital ship class lasers while the Split M7 has fighter capacity almost equal to some M1 Carriers. The M7 is also unique in that it is the largest class of ship to carry Main weapons.

M7 Through the series
X3: Reunion
Race Name Stats Via
Argon (OTAS)
Kha'ak Destroyer
Paranid Hyperion




Pirate Carrack
Split Tiger
Split Panther
Terran Yokohama
Terran (ATF)

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