It's a rocket with a bomb on the end. Does it need describing? For more information see Missiles.



This is a "dumbfire" missile: it does not home in on your target, and once fired will travel in a straight line until it either hits something or it runs out of fuel and explodes. However, after launching this missile the pilot can prematurely detonate it by pressing the missile launch button again. This weapon has a relatively large explosion.


This is a very fast and deadly homing weapon which plays a small role in the single player storyline. It can normally only be picked up as loot from destroyed ships.


This is a "dumbfire" missile like the Aurora. However, it cannot be manually detonated after launch.


A small and fast dumbfire weapon. It does not cause as much damage as the dragonfly or aurora missile, but it is faster.

Firestorm TorpedoEdit

Slow, powerful and guided. Good on stations. Max range is 99.0km.


This is the most powerful and dangerous missile in the game. Very slow and not very agile, it isn't very good at homing in on targets. However, it has a very large and deadly explosion and can take out squads of ships at a time. This missile cannot normally be bought, and instead has to be picked up from Pirate or Xenon ships. Often used for destroying capital ships or taking out swarms of smaller craft.


A very powerful homing missile usually used for dealing large amounts of damage to capital ships.


A small and relatively fast missile designed for use on large numbers of small units. Max range is 29.9km.


A small, fast homing missile that doesn't deal much damage. It is usually used for intercepting incoming hostile missiles. The Missile Defence Mosquito upgrade in the 3.1.05 Bonus Package was designed to do this for you automatically using these missiles.


A relatively fast homing missile that is fairly common in the X3 universe.


A guided missile that hunts down enemy targets until it runs out of fuel or makes contact. Max range is 62.4km.


An infra-red and visible spectrum guided missile. Max range is 78.0km.


A swarm missile like the wasp. The submunitions from this weapon are larger and cause more damage.


This is a "swarm" missile: once fired it splits into multiple smaller warheads which each quickly home in on the target. Individually these warheads do not cause much damage but they make up for that in numbers. The multiple submunitions also distract anti missile defences and ensure that they cannot all be destroyed with a single shot from a normal weapon.

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