For general information on the Paranid see: Paranid Empire


Zeus M1Edit

Odysseus M2Edit

Nemesis M6Edit

Im Olmanckostras

message from Olmanckstras

Listen Pal I Trust you i would like to buy this ship from shipyards in Cardinal's Domain . Get one. Pilot if you trust me you can take me to Paranid Shipyard alpha in trinity sanctum

Perseus M3Edit

Pericles M4Edit

Pegasus M5Edit

Hercules TLEdit

Demeter TS Edit

Hermes TPEdit


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Laser FactorysEdit


Missile FactorysEdit

Power PlantsEdit

Shield FactorysEdit

Tech FactorysEdit



X2: The Threat Ranks
Rank Points Standing
Honour Guard Of Xaar 100000 Friend
Friend of Emperor 10000 Friend
Friend of Priest King 1000 Friend
Friend of Priest Duke 100 Friend
Friend of Priest 10 Friend
Friend 0 Friend
Enemy of Priest -10 Friend
Enemy of Priest Duke -100 Docking Denied
Enemy of Priest King -1000 Docking Denied
Enemy of Emperor -10000 Hostile
Enemy of Xaar -100000 Hostile

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