X3:TC Edit

Rank Argon Boron Goners Paranid Split Teladi Terrans
10 Hero of the Federation Knight of the Kingdom Protector of the Goners Honour Guard of Xaar Honoured Strong Arm of Rhonkar Company Director Hero of Sol
9 Protector of the Federation King's Protectorate Holy Order of the Goners Seeker of the Holy Light Honoured Imperator of Rhonkar Venture Capitalist Solar Sentinel
8 Federation Overwatch King's Knight Goner Evangelist Emperor's Protectorate Inner Circle of Rhonkar Venture Profiteer Guardian of Earth
7 Federation Marshall Queen's Protectorate Goner Preacher Friend of Emperor Privileged Associate of Rhonkar Company Owner Planetary Senator
6 Federation Guardian Queen's Knight Honoured Pilgrim Priest Protectorate Family Protector Company Manager Servant of Terra
5 Trusted Ally Queen's Guard Trusted Pilgrim Friend of Priest King Distinguished Associate Majority Shareholder Warrior of Io
4 Accepted Advisor Noble Peer Faithful Believer Friend of Priest Duke Family Friend Shareholder Marshall of Mars
3 Confirmed Friend Trusted Courtier Believer Priest Confidante Comrade Company Trader Senatorial Advisor
2 Federation Associate Accepted Friend Follower Friend of Priest Friend Company Helper Regional Representative
1 Federation Member Friend Accepted Member Friend Known Venturer Profit Opportunity Local Councilor
0 Citizen Acquaintance Sceptic Nomad Creature Profit Initiate Citizen
(-1) Suspected Foe Antagonist Agnostic Unholy Nomad Shameless Creature Profit Liability Revolutionary
(-2) Known Antagonist Confirmed Adversary Heathen Tainted Wanderer Family Outcast Mercantile Rebel Renegade
(-3) Confirmed Insurgent Enemy of Menelaus Blasphemer Desecrator of Holy Light Family Enemy Commercial Anarchist Insurgent
(-4) Confirmed Enemy Queen's Nemesis Heretic Enemy of Priest Duke Enemy of Rhonkar Commercial Enemy Terrorist
(-5) Enemy of the Federation Enemy of the Kingdom Defiler of the Truth Enemy of Priest Xaar Enemy of Split Families Enemy of the Corporation

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