In all X Universe games, the universe is split into multiple regions of space known as sectors. Each sector is usually situated in orbit of a planet or moon and is full of space stations, asteroids and ships.


There are two ways of travelling between sectors. These are jump gates and the Jumpdrive device which can be installed on the player's ship.

Jump gates connect neighbouring sectors and are located at the edges of sectors in the North/East/South/West directions, but only if there is a nearby sector in that direction. The player need only fly into the gate and they are transported to the corresponding sector. Jump gates are usually easy to find as they are normally located on the X/Z axes when viewing the sector map. However not all gates are located in these generic positions, making them slightly harder to find in some sectors, but as they are large objects, they can be seen from great distances if there is no nebula.

Jumpdrive devices are used to instantly transport a ship to any explored sector, even those that are on the other side of the universe. When activated, the drive charges and teleports the ship to a jump gate in the given sector. They do however require energy cells, thus potentially limitimg the range of the jumpdrive if the ship does not hold enough energy cells in its cargo bay.

Sector ContentsEdit

Upon entering a sector, the player can encounter a whole multitude of objects. These include nebulae, asteroids, stars, planets, moons, stations and ships. In most sectors owned by the Argon, Boron, Paranid, Split and Teladi, a trading station is situated at the centre of the sector. The other stations in a sector depend upon its owner and purpose, for example Ore Belt in X3: Reunion is used as a mining sector, thus it contains a large number of Ore mines and Silicon mines. In a handful of important sectors, such as species homeworld sectors like Argon Prime, Shipyards and Equipment Docks can be found.

Sectors in the X UniverseEdit

X-T sectors

X:BTF sectors

X2 sectors

X2: The Threat sectors

X3: Reunion sectors

X3: Terran Conflict sectors

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