Software can be bought in various places throughout the X-Universe. It provides manual commands for ships that are not under direct player control, for functions from combat to ore collecting, trading to protecting.


Navigation Command MK1Edit

Navigation Command MK2Edit

Fight Command MK1Edit

Fight Command MK2Edit

Fight Command MK3Edit

Trade Command MK1Edit

Trade Command MK2Edit

Trade Command MK3Edit

This expensive software allows the player to hire a sector trader for that ship. A sector trader trades independantly of the player, while transferring most of the profits to the player. A sector trader will only trade inside one sector. However, with experience, a sector trader can be upgraded to a galaxy trader who can trade over multiple sectors.

Special Command MK1Edit

System OverrideEdit

System Override Software (SOS) allows the player to claim another ship without getting out of their own ship to do so. It's an illegal good, however.

Signature ScramblerEdit

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