It can be hard to find posts in the Egosoft forum, as their search function isn't amazing. So this page contains links to several useful guides that are buried deep within the Egosoft forums and a few other helpful links.

The official link guides are pinned in all languages at top of the X-Universe-Subforum: english guide though one should be aware that the posts linked from it are not necessarily upto date. For example stay away from delray's boarding guide as (although it was probably pretty helpful last year) much of the information hasn't been correct for several patches, and if you follow its instructions you will end up wasting your time.

Plot WalkthroughsEdit

Terran Campaign walkthrough

New Home plot walkthrough

Main plot missions walkthrough

Corporation missions

Ship InfoEdit

Ships to use for capturing

Discussion of the Shrike

Shrike Loadout

Loadout suggestions for Hyperion/Vidar

Heavy Centaur Prototype loadout suggestions


Intermediate product trading

Complex Calculator


Your very first boarding guide

Boarding Xenon Capital Ships

Where To Buy/Train Boarding Troops

Training up your marines

Old Boarding guide (pre 2.5)


Race Ranks

Sector Map

Using Supply Software to equip a carrier's fighters

Egosoft forum sticky

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